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[Efficacy and role of rabbit meat]_Benefits_Necessary

[Efficacy and role of rabbit meat]_Benefits_Necessary

Rabbit meat is a relatively common meat in our daily lives. Many people like to eat rabbit meat. Many people just satisfy their appetite. Few people know what the benefits of rabbit meat are and how good it is. If you haveThis is also the case, then you can look at the following article to understand what health effects and effects of rabbit meat.

Efficacy and role of rabbit meat1. Eliminate disease and strengthen the body: Chinese medicine believes that rabbit meat is cold, sweet, enters the spleen, stomach, and large intestine meridian.Nourishing yin and moisturizing, can treat thirst caused by insufficient Yin and blood, drink more, constipation, weight loss; clearing heat and cooling blood, can treat vomiting caused by blood heat delusion, blood caused by stool.

2, puzzle: rabbit meat contains unsaturated fatty acids that the human body cannot synthesize, especially lecithin, containing 1652mg per 100g of rabbit meat is an indispensable important nutrient in the development of human brain tissue cells.

Therefore, eating rabbit meat often is conducive to the intellectual development of children and also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Beauty: Aunt’s content in rabbit meat is less than 2.

1%, lower than lean pork (6.

5%), beef (6%), mutton (7.

7%), chicken (75%); rabbit carbohydrate content is less than 0.

1%, lower than beef and mutton (0.

3%), chicken (0.

4%), so eating rabbit meat often is not easy to gain weight.

Rabbit meat is rich in B vitamins, especially high in niacin, which can not only promote the conversion and synthesis of nutrients, but also eliminate dermatitis, prevent rough skin and make the skin tender and smooth.

4, health care: blood pressure due to unsaturated water, do not add dilute acid and dilute alkali, can not be saponified, deposition in the biliary tract is easy to form gallstones, deposition on the vessel wall is easy to cause atherosclerosis, and easy to cause cardiovascular diseaseCerebrovascular disease.

The cholesterol content of rabbit meat is only 0.

05%, lower than chicken (0.

09%), beef (0.

14%), pork (0.


Therefore, rabbit meat is an ideal food for patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

5. Stomach nourishment: The flesh muscle fiber is tender and delicious, it is cooked fast when cooked, digested quickly after eating, and easy to absorb.

The human body’s digestion of rabbit meat is reduced by 85%, which is higher than that of pork (75%), beef (55%), and chicken (50%). It is especially consumed by patients during illness and rehabilitation, which helps patients recover their physical strength as soon as possible.Ideal tonic for gastritis, duodenal ulcer, colitis and frail patients.