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[How to make creamy bacon pasta]_Homemade method of creamy bacon pasta

[How to make creamy bacon pasta]_Homemade method of creamy bacon pasta

The old saying goes from misfortune to misfortune, because the latest medical research found that all diseases that occur on the body are “eaten.”

So for health, we must eat healthy.

And to eat healthy, we had better be able to cook by ourselves.

Now, please tell me how to make creamy bacon pasta first.


Wash the vegetables, cut the bacon into small pieces, break the broccoli into small flowers, cut the onion, and slice the mushrooms 2.

1. Heat the pan without oil, and fry the onion 3.

2 Boil the water in the pot, add the pasta and cook. The process of cooking the pasta starts as follows 4.

1 Add broccoli, mushroom, broth and 2 tablespoons of boiled spaghetti soup and boil.

2 Add bacon, crushed garlic, stir-fry garlic with a tablespoon of olive oil, remember not to fry bacon 6.

At this point, the pasta is cooked. Remove and add to the ingredients in step 5 7.

Pour in light cream and mix well 8.

Add the cheese powder, stir the black pepper until the milk is evenly adhered to the surface, and sprinkle the salt to suit your taste. Many friends find it difficult to cook, and are unwilling to do it. There are many dishes that are relatively simple. TodayIntroducing the creamy bacon pasta is more suitable for lazy people to make it, and everyone does not want to try it.