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Picasso’s famous paintings were torn, and one should not only focus on value 1.800 million

Picasso’s famous paintings were torn, and one should not only focus on “value 1.800 million ”
[Entertainment analysis]According to British media reports and police certification, on December 28, 2019, a picture of Tate Modern in London was worth 20 million pounds (about 1).(800 million yuan) Picasso’s famous portrait “Women’s Bust” was torn by Shakeel Massey, a 20-year-old suspect from northwest London.At present, the man has been detained and is awaiting a preliminary trial.The museum said that the damaged paintings were created by Picasso in Paris in 1944. The prototype is Picasso’s lover Dora Maar, which has precious artistic value.  The incident soon became popular in China, “Value 1.The topic of 8 trillion Picasso’s famous paintings was torn “attracted widespread attention, and a large number of them disdain and aim at this torn painting, applauding the behavior of the torn painter, thinking that the price of this paintingGao is purely hype.  In the author’s opinion, this issue caused a heated discussion with “Picasso” “famous painting” and other relations, but “1.The words “800 million” played a key role, and seemed to stimulate netizens’ nerves and enthusiasm for discussion.Faced with an art work, the current public still exchanges too much attention to its price.Compared with what is beyond the price, its artistic value, cultural value, aesthetic value, historical value, etc., as well as the knowledge and understanding of the ontology of artistic creation, the interest is obviously insufficient.As everyone knows, the economic value of the artwork is based on the comprehensive value of the above value. It is not meaningful to simply pay attention or advertise the price, and the motivation is impure.This is also a common problem for the public at the moment, and it is also the reason why the public’s aesthetic needs to be improved urgently.  Back to the matter of the destruction of the painting.No matter what the purpose, motivation, and destruction of other people’s works, especially famous masterpieces, are serious, shameful behavior, and even a crime.This behavior is different from the banana that was eaten some time ago and sold for $ 120,000. The work was replaced by the creator in advance, and it also means that the audience wants to interact.But the banana eater himself happens to be an artist, so his behavior also has a certain degree of artistic suggestion, which is quite consistent with the field at the time, itself, etc., and can barely be explained.This work is not, it is purely a static painting for public appreciation, and is the work of the dead master Picasso.It does not have the conditions for artistic re-creation and re-interpretation, nor does it constitute the possibility of interaction between the creator and the audience.So the two “destruction” behaviors are completely incomparable.  In the punishment that the man tearing paper will face, may wish to look at similar cases.In 2012, an Irish man named Andrew Sharon entered the National Gallery of Ireland. Before the only Monet work “Sailing on the Seine in the Agenit Basin” in the collection, he suddenly punched hard at the work, andBreak it out of a big crack.It is reported that this famous painting was worth up to 7.8 million pounds (about 74.71 million yuan) at the time.After the incident, the perpetrator was admitted by the police and eventually sentenced to 5 years in prison, and was prohibited from entering any art museum or public institution displaying paintings within 15 months of his release.Specific to the torn behavior of this painting, it also depends on the actual degree of damage, and whether the suspect deliberately did so to make a comprehensive judgment, and based on the final police investigation results.  There is no doubt that Picasso is an internationally recognized master of art. His life’s creation almost reflects and witnesses the important process of the development of modern art in the West. It also has a great effect and influence on the promotion of world art and has greatly changed people.Thinking and ways of painting creation and appreciation.His painting, which looks like a semi-abstract style, is actually a mature work of his cubism period.It breaks up the initial avatar of the object, and carries out combination correction. It combines the object expressing the avatar and the abstract structural form in a pioneering fusion.And this work is also a specific work created for a specific object, and indeed, as the museum said, “It seems that this painting has a more emotional significance”.  But frankly speaking, for cubist painting, if there is no certain knowledge background, aesthetic accumulation, and the relevant context of art development, it is really difficult to understand, because it does have some avant-garde and leading nature in artistic creation.It is difficult to express clearly in one or two sentences.But for the realistic paintings that netizens can understand, in fact, Picasso had painted very well as a teenager, even as good as the masters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. we are familiar with, and is also a genius of Picasso painting.Performance.  Therefore, when judging works of art, especially master works that have long been recognized by art history, we must not arbitrarily remove objects based on our superficial perception, and use the simple thinking of drawing like and not like, binary opposition, not thisSeeing it from the other place, we should even use a more open, more tolerant mentality, a richer, multiple perspectives and standards to appreciate, and this will play a major positive role in enhancing our own aesthetic ability.  Of course, in the event of tearing paintings, the museum also has great security problems. It must be held responsible. It lacks sufficient vigilance and protection measures, and has no special protection for important works by important artists.In fact, the topic of the protection of exhibits and cultural relics is old-fashioned, but there are still things that have been intentionally or unintentionally destroyed. In recent years, when a Chinese terracotta warrior was placed in Philadelphia, the United States, it was broken and stoleAt the time of the Christie’s spring sale in 2018, one of the four pictures of “Four Screens of Flowers and Birds” by Ren Bonian was also torn by a child in the preview.  To be honest, although some situations are suddenly difficult to prevent or even unavoidable in the process of arrangement, we still need to remind and arouse everyone here: As an audience, you must have a minimum of respect for art, and you must not blaspheme at all.; As an exhibitor, the responsibility of always maintaining the work can’t be lost, and it shouldn’t be taken carelessly.In addition, the saboteurs must not be condoned. While serious and rigorous, we must further practically sum up the lessons, increase vigilance, and strengthen prevention. Only in this way can the exhibits and cultural relics be avoided as much as possible.  □ Wang Jinyu (art critic)