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NBA lace: Clippers boss suspected of racial discrimination was met with resistance James stared at Jordan_1

NBA lace: Clippers boss suspected of racial discrimination was resisted by James staring at Jordan
Beijing time on April 27th, today the Thunder and Grizzlies overtime to win the game, and each day the NBA playoffs are exciting and constant, of course, non-stop off the court.The following is the today’s lace of Phoenix Sports.1. Clippers boss suspected of racial discrimination Today, just as the playoffs were in full swing, the Clippers boss, Donald Sterling, known as a miser, grabbed the headlines.What happened was that the Clippers boss had a quarrel with his girlfriend, who was angry and announced a recording of the quarrel between the two.In the recording, Sterling warned his girlfriend not to take black people to the Clippers.Stirling’s words immediately stirred up thousands of waves, including many NBA superstars inside James and Kobe, all called for a boycott of Stirling, and the league also quickly investigated.2. The Clippers denied the strike. The player union’s involvement in investigating the Clippers boss’s alleged racial discrimination has really brought a lot of impact to the Clippers preparing for the playoffs.However, coach Rivers said they will continue to unite and prepare for the fourth game with the Warriors.However, the NBA Players Union has issued a statement to intervene in the investigation of the Stirling incident.3. Zhan Huang denied that the death eagle Jordan finally returned to the home court. The boss Qiao personally sat on the sidelines to supervise the battle. He didn’t expect that it was a fiasco.After a quick break with a tomahawk, James seemed to look back at Jordan, who was sitting at the end of the Bobcat bench. The death stare did have a very provocative taste.However, after the game, James denied that he glared at Jordan after dunking.4. Gasol brotherhood is endless Since the Grizzlies and Thunder started the playoffs, Paul Gasol has paid attention to his brother’s performance.Today, Gasol Jr. performed very well, and Gassau immediately tweeted that “Great start, Marc (Gasol)”.5. The number of Bobcats at home has reached a record high and returned to the playoffs for many years, which also inspired Charlotte’s enthusiasm for watching.According to statistics, 19,633 people watched the Bobcats game today, setting a new record for the number of seats in the team history.Unfortunately, the Bobcats lost to the Heat, on the verge of being swept away.6. After the Knicks coach was fired on Woodson’s agenda, the Zen Master stepped up to find new Knicks candidates.It is reported that the legendary Bull shooter Steve Cole has traveled to New York to prepare for an interview with the Zen master.Cole is currently interested in coaching NBA teams.7. Garnett encourages the Nets fans to be more hostile to the Nets and the Raptors. The confrontation looks more intense than the two teams on the court.In an interview today, Garnett encouraged the entire team, “Brooklyn can become more hostile to let opponents perceive the distortion of our home court.””