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Yilongfa three times battle challenge broadcasts no response Netizens-hit the knees and beg for mercy

Yilongfa three times battle challenge broadcast request no response Netizen: hit the knee and beg for mercy
On November 5, the martial arts peak match-up in Century War II, China’s first monk Yilong points defeated the Muay Thai prince broadcast request, ending the Thais’ 13-game winning streak against the Chinese martial arts.In this regard, Boqiu was very dissatisfied, and his team repeatedly issued various dissatisfaction and doubts.After a period of patience, Yilong finally became so angry that he could not bear it, and even issued two extremely domineering war books, willing to decide the victory in the most primitive way.  At 15:00 on November 19th, Yilong formally issued a warfare book to Boqiu through Weibo: I admire my opponent very much. Our warfare caused a lot of controversy, and the Boqiu team also issued a lot of dissatisfied voices.With the picture, if this is the case, we can play a triple match to avoid controversy and not bother the referee to score. Infinite rounds until one side can’t fight or throw a towel.Can lose the game can not lose the knot!  Prior to this, on November 18, Yilong had issued its first warfare, expressing its willingness to discuss with any outstanding boxer in the world.  He wrote: I am willing to communicate with any outstanding boxer in the world, provided that Wude cultivation on stage and off stage is enough, and that I can appreciate each other and enjoy all my support and hobby.!I also hope that the audience of the boxing fans can treat the victory and loss normally, so that our fighters can put down the pressure to better play a higher level.Courage, perseverance and perseverance are the greatest achievements and good inheritance of Xi Wu!!Don’t let the crown fame and fame stun yourself, don’t be hypocritical, do less shows, do more practical things. don’t forget the original intentions, you must always be!The victory is second to friendship and world harmony!  Between the lines of Yilong’s words, there is a meaning that the irony can’t afford to lose.  For Yilong’s war books, boxing fans and netizens raved about it.  Sentences into the heart: people who don’t understand like to spray people!People who don’t think it’s possible!You guys try it!!Practicing martial arts is not easy!Kick your legs against irons or tree poles every day, and kick your arms to practice.Very bitter.Being able to reach the state of Yilong is also a master.It is not a fist embroidering legs.  Sentence into the heart: Our family used to practice the Liuhe boxing of the mind, and it is still very powerful to see the dragon boxing. From the grass root boxer to today, it is not easy!Support Yilong!  A瑶山特产蓝鹏玉米酒:龙哥 既然有争议就再打一次 我永远看好你 不管是武德还是武术;  爱慕哥哥张国荣:有种,这才是霸气一龙,俺支持你,力挺你Hit the ball down and make him beg for mercy.  Fengjiang Yueming: Domineering!Do you dare to fight against the knees and beg for mercy?   CO2 Dioxin costume: Chinese martial arts are profound!Support you forever;   Mr Chen Shuaihao: Great, I think that only in this way can this fate be settled.  There is no doubt that these two war books are super domineering and are the actions of the strong.延伸阅读:一龙放话愿战任何高手 最硬泰拳王星当:有胆就和我打一龙暗讽播求输不起:失武德最失败 别骂街泼妇样2016武僧一龙vs泰拳Wang Boqiu’s second-round match highlights video playback of Thailand’s hardest man star should not be convinced! Want KO Yilong to name Muay Thai Prev12Next