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2016 snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby match video billiards live _1

2016 snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby match video billiards live
The 2016 British Championship finals are about to start, against Selby and O’Sullivan.In terms of strength, such a duel has some natural meaning.One is now ranked first in the world, and the other is a recognized snooker ruler.2016斯诺克英锦赛决赛——奥沙利文能否再胜塞尔比  两人的打法很不相同,塞尔比素有磨王的称号,奥沙利文则是华丽进攻型选手的代表,Nonetheless, the two’s promotion paths are somewhat similar.Selby, except for entanglement with Higgins in the quarter-finals to the tiebreaker, other games are smooth and easy to win; O’Sullivan is not to mention, except for the final match with Fu Jiajun, the previousAll the rounds were chopped with melons and vegetables. The first five rounds only lost 5 innings, demonstrating the undisputed absolute strength.  Selby and O’Sullivan played 26 times before. O’Sullivan had 16 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws.There have been three encounters this year, namely the quarter-finals of the Masters, the quarter-finals of the Welsh Open, and the Champions League group stage. O’Sullivan has won the competition.This is why some people ridiculed that because of the existence of O’Sullivan, even today’s world first dare not say that he is the world’s first.Although it is a joke, but from the record against the box office appeal, Selby does indeed have a gap with O’Sullivan.However, I have to say that Selby is a player who is very capable of playing. He changes his style of play according to the situation on the field. He is extremely adaptable. I still remember that in the 2014 World Championship finals, Selby was the way to go behind.After catching up, he achieved a comeback to O’Sullivan, and finally won the first World Championship in his personal career. This championship trophy is also in full swing.  Earlier, O’Sullivan won five championships in the British Championships, which is equal to the billiards Emperor Hendry, one less than the old ball king Davis.This time O’Sullivan won the championship, he will not only tie Davis in the number of championships in the British Championships, but more importantly, he will also surpass Davis and Higgins’ 28 in the number of championships in the ranking game.The second highest chair in history, only 36 in front of Hengdeli.  In an interview with Liang Wenbo in Fengyunhui, O’Sullivan said frankly that he still wanted to fight for another ten years, and said that he hoped to surpass Hengdeli.This time, if they win the championship, the difference between the two champions is seven. With the reform of the snooker event, the event has increased significantly. If O’Sullivan can really play for another ten years, it is not impossible to surpass Hengdeli.  As an outstanding representative of the post-80s, Selby’s championships are not the most, but there are two world championship champions. From the perspective of the champions, it is reasonable to say that Selby is the first person after the 80s.Like this championship, Selby will hold two British Championships like Ding Junhui and Robertson, plus two World Championships and three Masters championships, Selby will compete with Ding and LuoHave a big advantage.Ding Junhui has two British Championships and one Masters Championship, but the World Championship has become his nightmare; Robertson has two British Championships, one World Championship and one Masters Championship.  It remains to be seen whether O’Sullivan can achieve leveling and surpassing, or whether he will usher in the third British Championship double crown after 1980.(Sports + Reporter Zhang Jin reports)    2016 Snooker Championship Finals time, O’Sullivan vs Selby will be held at 21:00 Beijing time on December 4th (first half), 2016The second half of the Snooker Championship will be held at 03:00 Beijing time on December 5th.Game live video address: click to watch