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Sell 250,000 tickets in 6 seconds, not everyone can have the movie announced _1

Sell 250,000 tickets in 6 seconds, not everyone can have the movie announced
At 9pm on December 4th, 2019, the movie “Party at South Station” starred Hu Ge and Gui Lun magnesium came to Li Jiaqi’s Taobao live broadcast room. The “impact broadcast” jointly constructed by the lighthouse and Taobao live broadcasted the online roadshow and sold movie tickets.”3, 2, 1″ During Li Jiaqi’s iconic countdown, the movie tickets were stolen and sold out. The starring actors Hu Ge and Gui Lun magnesium were stunned and praised Li Jiaqi for “you are too powerful”. Director Diao Yinan also lamented.”When I was in France, I told them to sell tickets in this way. The people who announced in France said that this situation would take five to eight years to happen in France.” “It opened up a newest for all movies here.Marketing model.”In this live broadcast, there were more than 6.36 million people online, 25 seconds in 6 seconds.Fifty thousand movie tickets were looted.A carrier that can gather the audience in a short period of time, let the stars communicate with more audiences and promote the movie at the same time, “Online Roadshow” seems to be a multi-effect way.Will the audience going to the cinema watch the same people who bought the coupons through the interaction between the live broadcasts?What is the real demand for movies after passionate shopping?The online road show has a good start, but how to combine the type of movie with the method of ticket sales to truly break through the circle and find the most suitable marketing path for each movie also requires in-depth thinking and slowly exploring.Who is the “beneficiary” of the online roadshow in the live broadcast?Selling movie tickets in the live room, initially started on the film “Beneficiary” on November 8, 2019. The live room starring Dapeng and Liu Yan as guest host Weiya promoted the film, and Dapeng sang the film theme song., Ushered in a small climax.In that live broadcast, a total of 116,666 movie ticket coupons were sold out in 6 seconds, the lighthouse linkage exposure reached 2 billion, and the cumulative number of viewers was 12 million, becoming the first “beneficiary” of live ticket sales.From the movie itself, it is true that the identity of the heroine played by Liu Yan in “Beneficiary” is the network anchor, and the actor Dapeng himself was born on the Internet, and the method of selecting live ticket sales is related to the content of the movie itself.The successful test of the film announced this time also gave the film “The Gathering at South Station” the courage to try.As a crime suspense film with a profound author’s personal style, the labels of “Southern Station Gathering”, “the only Chinese film that was shortlisted for the Cannes main competition in 2019”, “violence aesthetics” and “film noir” did not attract ordinary audiences, Hu Ge andGui Lun magnesium entered Li Jiaqi’s Taobao live broadcast room, and initially regarded it as a transfer of publicity.According to official data, on the day of the live broadcast of “Southern Railway Station” on December 4, Li Jiaqi’s Taobao live room reached 6.36 million viewers, and the amount of interaction exceeded 35 million. The content of the interactive room “Hu Ge Wuhan dialect” “Hu Ge muscle”” And other topics quickly became popular on Weibo.According to the lighthouse data, two days after the live broadcast, the new pre-sale box office gradually increased to 691 on the premiere day of “Southern Station Party”.250,000, with a box office of 14.85 million on the premiere day before the screening, with an increase of 4 additional sessions.360,000, with a score of 7.8 points, the highest word-of-mouth during the same period, the box office is second only to the Hollywood blockbuster “The Brave Game 2: Fighting to the Peak” by Boulder Johnson.Yuan Juan, general manager of Alibaba ‘s lighthouse business, said that the live ticket grabbing effect of “Southern Station Gathering” is equivalent to at least 20 offline roadshows.Then the word-of-mouth movie “Manslaughter”, Feng Xiaogang’s new work “If Yun Knows” also entered the Weiya live room to create momentum for the film’s promotion. On December 23, director Feng Xiaogang and the star Huang Xuan came to Wei Ya’s live room to promote the film and talk about himselfExperience of online shopping interacts with the audience.In the live broadcast room, a total of 150,000 movie coupons were released in seconds.Initially, this propaganda method was changed from a temporary concept such as the “net red band goods” and “live broadcast ticket grabbing” to a more precise expression-online roadshow.Traditional roadshows are costly and intensive, and unexpectedly allow movies to enter the sinking market. The most effective and popular way is film roadshows.Depending on the size of the movie, road shows usually start at 10 cities, and the size and budget increase, and the more road shows the city.When the film was not released, the film’s original team went to dozens of key cities across the country to build momentum for the film.Film roadshow activities can recommend film content through the core audience of the film, form word-of-mouth and discuss the topic of the film in the early stage, and at the same time increase the influence of the third and fourth line sinking market through close-range activities with fans around the world.In 2002, Zhang Yimou’s movie “Heroes” appeared for the first time at the zero point of the marketing method. Since then, it has gradually expanded from the Spring Festival file to all films. Up to now, the road show has become more and more abundant, covering a wider range, and exchanging movie content with fans.Making games, taking photos together, and performing shows have become compulsory in the film roadshow.In 2015, “Unexpectedly” ran 500 road shows in 100 cities in 35 days, becoming the highest record for film road shows.Running 20 cinemas on the same day is commonplace in road shows.However, the high cost, tight star schedules, high work intensity, and frequent accidents and safety problems on the scene all made the road show have many disadvantages.Some stars can only sleep for 3 hours a day during the road show, repeat the same question over and over again, and even make fun of themselves as a modern performance art.However, the most important thing is that it is difficult to see the actual conversion rate in the road show, and it is not directly proportional to the box office score. A considerable part of the film eventually failed at the box office because of its own quality problems.”Shanghai Fortress” due to the star effect, the movie ticket in a road show was fired to nearly a thousand yuan, but in the end the box office was only 1.200 million yuan.Online roadshows have a lot of traffic and break circles, and the topic is wider than in early 2019. It is still a niche behavior to watch mobile live shopping, but at the end of the year, live streaming has become the hottest shopping trend.It is no less than a star, and the cooperation with them is by no means “self-reducing identity”. In the past few years, many stars have been rumored to contact Li Jiaqi in private to want to enter the live broadcast.The online roadshow even helped the propaganda party quickly solve the problem of sinking the film to a wider low-line city, increasing the popularity and exposure of the film, and opening up new ways for the online roadshow to announce the film and television, and the audience of the film.It has also been extended to anchor fans, netizens of entertainment / shopping labels, star fans and other different circles, and the three major functions of “live ticket selling + ticket supplement issuance + online road show” have been completed simultaneously.In the view of Ms. Shi, a publicity team in Beijing, reproducing the live broadcast anchor hotspot, with high traffic, can break the circle, and more enough to attract more audiences outside the core audience to attract attention and generate topics.At the same time, it is also a marketing event, which can replace the events in the traditional propaganda routine, and it is also a renewal of marketing methods following the development of the Internet.Yuan Juan believes that through this innovative product form, the film’s creator can avoid the traditional offline road show’s boat ride, and go to the same frame as Taobao’s popular anchor to promote and distribute the film more efficiently.It is understood that the current division of Taobao live broadcasters and selling brands is mainly for the brand to pay the anchor a special floor guarantee fee + 20% commission of the transaction amount + service fees paid to Taobao live broadcast.In the future, online roadshows will form a stable trading model based on alternative methods and prices.The relevant person in charge of the lighthouse believes that the cost is not our concern at the moment. What we are more concerned about is how to help the film to be distributed through the Internet.How difficult is the problem to be common? The actual box office conversion rate is unknown. When asked if it is possible to completely replace the roadshow in the future?Yuan Juan believes: “Online roadshows actually add a brand new choice to the form of roadshows, but traditional roadshows have their own advantages and characteristics. In our opinion, online roadshows and traditional roadshows should be a complementary combination.”Ms. Shi also thinks that there is a big difference. Online roadshows cannot replace traditional roadshows:” Ordinary roadshows will watch movies, they will have in-depth conversations, and have real contact. After the audience has watched the movie, they will interact with the creator to further understand the movie., Spread it out.Online live broadcasting is more about following a scenic spot. Roadshows are not the purpose, but more about creating events and topics.”At present, there are still several problems to be solved in the ticketing of the live broadcast room: the difference in movie content seems to Ms. Shi, there is a corresponding part in the movie content of the first” beneficial person “who eats crabs, and Liu Yan Dapeng isOn the Internet.Hu Geguilun magnesium, a traditional artist in “Southern Station Party”, suddenly has a cute network, and has a contrast.But this mode is not suitable for all movies.For example, at the end of 2018, the early publicity effect of “Last Night of the Earth” on Douyin was excellent. The pre-sale box office exceeded 100 million, and the final box office was 2.800 million, can be called a marketing case of art film.However, after the full release on the first day, there were very few videos on the film. The topic marketing on the vibrato did not match the tonality of the film. The propaganda crowd did not match the audience of the movie itself, which also pulled down the film.Score.”Party at South Station” also faces this problem to some extent.The audience, Mr. Liu, told reporters that his girlfriend liked Hu Ge ‘s role as Li Xiaoyao in The Legend of Fairy Sword, and bought two movie tickets in the live broadcast room, but the movie ‘s “boring” and unexpectedThe “broken head” picture startled them.The star anchor lacks the current live broadcast room. In addition to Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, there is almost no third head anchor.However, the actual performance of the two people in the flow of live movie ticket sales + sales volume is also not as large as they usually sell goods. More is to cooperate with the movie project to produce a topical event, which is fresh.If the online road show is going to continue, it will definitely need more star anchors and more flexible ways in the future.As far as the overall online platform is concerned, the online roadshow mainly relies on the cooperation between Taobao Live Room and Dengta. It belongs to the Alibaba platform. The above-mentioned films participating in the online live broadcast are also films cast or participated by the owners of Alibaba.It can be said that in China, only a giant company such as Ali, which also owns a film company, shopping website, ticketing platform, and live broadcast platform, can successfully complete an “online roadshow”, so “online roadshow” is more like “Ali system.””An internal cooperation between the company’s platforms, the other companies’ videos are basically difficult to follow.Other domestic platforms do not have a planned “online road show” plan, and even if they are, it may be difficult to achieve. It is impossible to achieve the scale and process of the road show in the short term if the online road show is to spread other films.Box office conversion is unknown The number of tickets sold by the “online road show” is amazing, but it is not a movie ticket of real value. For example, “Southern Station’s Party” is 0 on live broadcast.The redemption voucher was sold in the form of a 1 yuan snap-up coupon.The price of 9 yuan is redeemed for movie tickets at a specified time, so it is not a direct income. There are cases where the audience chooses not to redeem after leaving the “live broadcast”.In the interview, the other party did not answer the question about the conversion of specific box office, and never had any specific announcement.Therefore, the “Southern Station Gathering” sold 25 on the live broadcast.Can 50,000 movie tickets equal 6 million box office?There is no clear data for the box office conversion, nor can it be clearly displayed in real time.Sauna, Ye Wang, Li Yan editor Xu Qiaoyang proofread Zhao Lin