Don’t let it stick to you during the high incidence of spring dermatitis_1

Don't let it stick to you during the high incidence of spring dermatitis Guide: Many people are resistant to the term "allergic dermatitis" because of the lack of correct understanding of it, even if the symptoms of allergic dermatitis occur, they will arbitrarily judge that "the skin has become dry"Just a bitch "and so on. 换季时节 别让皮炎粘上你  [误区]最近,虽然眼周很干,脖子也变得很粗糙,但我想这不过就是皮肤干燥吧,涂一些保湿度高的面霜就行了。(茜 24岁) [矫正]如果这些部位出现了干燥,很有可能是过敏性皮炎的症状。Don't take it lightly, see a dermatologist as soon as possible. If you feel itchy around your eyes, neck, and fingers, you may have allergic dermatitis. In order to reduce the incidence, prescription 2 should avoid lack of sleep and stress.   Prescription note 3 Chinese medicine treatment is also effective, talk to a professional doctor. Do you have symptoms of allergic dermatitis? If your eyes, neck, fingers feel itchy, be alert for…
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How to cook corn to have nutrition

How to cook corn to have nutrition Each hundred grams of corn contains 12 micrograms of folic acid, which is three times that of rice; potassium is 238-300 milligrams, which is 2 of rice. 45-3 times; magnesium is 96 mg, which is 3 times that of rice; and contains various antioxidants such as glutathione, β-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, and vitamin E. Therefore, corn hasA variety of health effects. Related reading: Neglected fattening food corn. We often encounter such a situation, feeling that the stomach is very hungry, just buy boiled corn on the roadside stalls. In fact, the corn sold on the roadside has lost a lot of nutrients because of the long cooking time, and the accumulated fiber is relatively large.   Do you know how to cook corn to…
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5 ways to lose weight with acupuncture

5 ways to lose weight with acupuncture Relative to the commonly used acupuncture to lose weight, experts in ancient Chinese medicine said that the following 5 methods are the most commonly used methods: First, ear acupuncture: acupuncture point: mouth, esophagus, duodenum, pregnancy point, endocrine, brain, stomach.   Operation: Choose 1 each time 2 acupuncture points, alternately acupuncture both sides of the ears, apply auricular needles 2? 3 times, 10 times are 2 courses, and the interval between each course is 5? 7 days.   Second, body acupuncture (one): acupuncture point: the main point is Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao.   Matching points: based on dialectical classification.   It belongs to spleen deficiency and dampness zone: Neiguan, water, Tianshu, Fenglong, Liekuai, and Pishu.   It belongs to hot and humid interior: Quchi, branch ditch, horizontal, full, inner court,…
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Eating chives can promote gastrointestinal motility

Eating chives can promote gastrointestinal motility Leeks are famous for their "dishwashing dishes". According to modern medical research, leek contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote insulin peristalsis and make the stomach and patency smooth.   In addition, leek also contains sulfides and volatile essential oils, so it has a unique spicy flavor. In addition to having certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, these substances can help improve the body's immunity, can also lower blood lipids, and are particularly beneficial to patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease.   Sores in the tongue, dry throat and sore throat, fever in the hands and feet, night sweats and other symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat and eye disease (conjunctivitis) should be cautiously eaten. Due to its rich crude fiber, it…
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How to choose a good yoga instructor?

How to choose a good yoga instructor? First of all, he is a professional instructor, not an aerobics, Latin dance instructor or ballet shape teacher, nor can he force others in other professions to teach yoga in his spare time. Yoga is a healthy human subject that needs to be taken seriously and studied in depth.   In fact, he truly loves yoga, instead of using it to make a lot of money. A coach who travels to various clubs and gyms has very little energy and strength to focus on his practice and supplementary yoga knowledge. The yoga he taught has become a commercial yogaAnd not really physical yoga.   In the end, he has a caring and exemplary role. Yoga and him are one body, extending from the inside, exuding…
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9 Chinese medicine meals to get rid of toothache

9 Chinese medicine meals to get rid of toothache Introduction: Toothache can be generally divided into dental caries, wind-heat toothache, and virtual fire toothache. Here are nine diet therapies for toothache. Party 1: 2 salted duck eggs with salted egg, oyster and oyster soup, 100 grams of oyster soup (dried oyster meat), rice porridge, eat for 2-3 days. Suitable for those who suffer from toothache with virtual fire and inflammation. Party 2: Preserved Eggs, Tofu and Salted Lean Congee, 2 Preserved Eggs, 60g of Shuifa Yuba, 100g of Lean Pork, rice (or millet) moderate porridge, eat 2-3 days. Suitable for those with virtual fire and dental caries. Party three: 100 grams of salted lean pork porridge with oysters, preserved eggs, two preserved eggs, 100 grams of salted lean pork, and…
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Flexibility makes women 5 years younger

Flexibility makes women 5 years younger Flexibility is the homework of a woman. For women, the pursuit of beauty is the "ultimate goal" of life. At present, yoga is popular among urban women, for the purpose of exercising softness. Many people liken yoga to "folk rhythmic gymnastics", which is indeed very vivid. Rhythmic gymnastics can be practiced by ordinary people, but many of its principles are of great significance to our exercises, especially gentle exercises.   Zhong Ling, a well-known Chinese rhythmic gymnast and champion of four continents, is currently working on applying these common principles and methods to the physical exercise of children and office workers. "Practicing flexibility is most obvious in correcting and training the spine. " "Zhong Ling said," Many office workers sit for eight hours or even…
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May expire medicines also expire?

May expire medicines also expire? In fact, medicines stored for a long time can also become "ill." Many citizens don't know the common sense of storing medicines or improper storage methods. Usually, the medicines are still in use after they have become ineffective.   Recycling expired medicines is not encouraged in pharmacies. Promotional methods for recycling expired medicines in pharmacies can easily make people buy more medicines, which may easily cause a new round of hidden dangers. Drug recovery bins are set up in the community, and the government collects expired medicines from the crowd.   If the preservation method is not correct, or we do not pay attention to identifying whether the medicine has deteriorated, many medicines that are still in the quality grade will also threaten our health.   As long…
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Chronic nephritis medicated diet

Chronic nephritis medicated diet Chronic nephritis mostly belongs to edema in traditional Chinese medicine. Medicinal diet treatment is one of the important measures for comprehensive treatment. Reasonable diet can eliminate edema, improve anemia, increase plasma protein, reduce accumulation of protein metabolites, and help with hypertension recovery.   Qi and Yin deficiency: manifested as fatigue and weakness, weak waist and knees, hot hands and feet, dry mouth with less fluid, lower limb swelling, less urine, loose stools, red tongue, and thin pulse. Yishi Yiqi Jianpi, nourishing Yin and kidney medicated diet.   Wuwei porridge: yam, raw barley kernels, mulberry 30 grams each, 10 jujubes, corn (millet) 60 grams. Wash the above five flavors, add water to cook porridge, and eat 2-3 times. Regular consumption can prevent the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing…
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How to identify diseases through bad breath

How to identify diseases through bad breath How to identify diseases through halitosis If you can check the exit odor by yourself several times or for a long time, it may be implanted in the mouth or other diseases, and you need to go to the hospital for a professional examination. The different smell of bad breath is the key to distinguishing what is wrong with the body. There are many causes of bad breath, in addition to the oral cause, there are other reasons such as systemic diseases. Depending on the cause, the odor will vary. Studies show that hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are the main substances that cause oral halitosis. Among them, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in patients with physiological halitosis was significantly higher than the…
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