Female white-collar workers: keep work stress out of the house

Female white-collar workers: keep work stress out of the house Scenario 1: Wang Fang, with a look of fatigue, walked into the house while answering the work phone call. She was busy recording the contents of the phone call and could not say hello to her husband. It wasn't until an hour later that she hung up the phone, and she quickly said to her husband, "I'm almost exhausted. Let's order takeaway. "Well, anyway, it's not a day or two." The husband reluctantly agreed to her request.   Scene 2: On the day of her husband's birthday, Xiaoya had planned to eat in a restaurant. However, before leaving work, the leader was urgently arranged for a job. After the completion, he had missed the agreed time and went out to catch…
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Motion sickness can’t afford 19 small tricks to hold motion sickness

Motion sickness can't afford 19 small tricks to hold motion sickness There are many people who have motion sickness, which is not only uncomfortable, but also affects the mood of travel, which is very inconvenient to others. So, is there any way to solve the problem of motion sickness quickly and effectively?   [Abstract 19 tricks of motion sickness]1. One hour before the motion sickness, take a piece of Fangzhi pain cream and paste it on the liver and umbilicus (called Shenque acupoint). If you take the bus for more than one day, you will change another sticker the next day. Can effectively prevent motion sickness.   2. Tighten the belt before getting on the bus to prevent the internal organs from swimming excessively in the body and help prevent motion sickness.…
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Cupping Therapy for Pediatric Enuresis

Cupping Therapy for Pediatric Enuresis Enuresis, commonly known as "wetting bed", refers to a type of disease that is known after a child over 3 years of age urinates during sleep and wakes up. Children under 3 years of age have not fully developed their brains, normal urination habits have not been developed, and wetting of the bed is not morbid. Older children who have occasional bedwetting due to playfulness, excessive fatigue, and excessive drinking before bedtime are not ill. Modern medicine believes that this disease is caused by dysfunction of the cerebral cortex and the central subcortex. Generally divided into congenital deficiency, lung and spleen deficiency and lower hot and humid type 2.   First, congenital deficiency, deficiency of lungs and spleen (a) pale symptoms, poor spirit, slow response, more…
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Is sleep fitness related to sex?

Is sleep fitness related to "sex"? According to the BBC website, the British National Health Service recently announced on its official website "NHS Direct" that "the secret of health is actually very simple, just do more sex exercises. "Experts point out that when people reach orgasm during sex, a chemical called endorphin is released in the brain. This substance is called "Happy Hormone" and it can reduce or eliminate pain and improve the pleasant feeling of the human body.   In addition, orgasm can also prevent minor diseases such as colds and headaches from further worsening, keeping the human bones and muscles in a healthy state and making the whole person feel relaxed. If more hormones are stimulated, it can also smooth human hair, and increase skin gloss, and even prevent…
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Coconut Milk Fungus Egg Sugar

Coconut Milk Fungus Egg Sugar All night, autumn rain, autumn came. Skin that begins to dry requires careful care and nourishment. If you want to be a beautiful water beauty in the autumn, it is necessary to properly boil some sugar water to nourish it. Fungus egg syrup is not only moisturizing, but also nutritious, plus some coconut milk is even more flavorful.   Material: snow fungus, red dates, egg seasoning: coconut milk, rock sugar 1. The fungus was soaked and torn apart, and the red dates were pitted and washed.   2. Cook an egg, cool in cold water, and peel off the shell.   3. Boil a pot of water. After the water is boiled, add white fungus jujube, pour 250 ml coconut milk, and add rock sugar.   4. After cooking…
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How to make others like chatting with you?

5 tips you should learn How to make others like chatting with you? 5 tips you should learn We cannot avoid chatting with others in our lives. Sometimes we feel complacent because we speak well, and sometimes we blame ourselves deeply for saying something wrong. When chatting with others, you can make them feel comfortable and like to chat with you. Please pay attention to the following points.   How to make others like chatting with you? You should learn these 5 tips!   1. Learn to praise each other. Everyone wants to listen to good things, so when chatting with others, learn to praise each other, and praise from the heart, not flattery. Praise the other person, indicating that you are sure of the other person, then when you praise the…
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7 rules for a win-win situation in the workplace

7 rules for a win-win situation in the workplace 1. Respecting differences, thinking about transpositions. It is precisely because of the existence of differences that there is a rich and colorful world. Therefore, we must learn to observe individual differences and find common ground. This is like a tapestry painting, that is, the different colors and patterns make it colorful and beautiful. Each color and pattern is different, and the most real beauty is the contribution of each pattern or color to the whole.   Case B's Annoyance Mr B has been a bit upset recently. The company arranged a large project for his team. Mr. B read a lot of information, collected a lot of data, and wrote a plan that he thought was good. While attending, he told the…
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Face the old words and enjoy life

Face the old words and enjoy life It is true that the old age in life is rare in the traditional impression of the old-fashioned dragon bell, 60-year-old walking like a fly, 70-year-old crane hair, 80-year-old spirits abound. They are not old, dissatisfied with the old, old-fashioned, ambitious: or "excessive heat" to do a career; or "old-fashioned" determined to write a masterpiece; or "forever youth" to compete with the young man.There is such an old man who, after retreating from the position of the factory manager, is unwilling to be lonely and unwilling to be mediocre. With his savvy and capable, he has started a new business. He has been involved in production, procurement, and sales. He has traveled to the north and south. After several years, he owned a…
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Lesser known: six uses of lemons

Lesser known: six uses of lemons Lemon is a relatively common fruit in life. Its nutritional value is very high. It contains a variety of vitamins, metabolic fibers, proteins, calcium, etc., which helps to lose weight, improve skin quality, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. So do you know the usefulness of lemons? The following editors introduce the six uses of lemons for you, I hope to help you.   1. Prevent food discoloration Lemon juice is acidic and can prevent food from browning due to oxidation. Squeezing lemon juice when making a fruit platter can prevent avocado (avocado), apple, banana and other fruits from turning black. Adding a slice of lemon when squeezing fruit juice not only protects vitamin C from loss, but also keeps the fruit juice beautiful color.   2. To…
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Breakfast is the key to young children day by day

Breakfast is the key to young children day by day Breakfast is an important part of the day's precipitation of young children. As the saying goes, "The plan of the day lies in the morning." The quality of breakfast is related to the energy of the children's morning activities and directly affects their growth and development. Toddlers should eat breakfast regularly, and should be full and eat well.   However, some parents provide young children with breakfast due to job opportunities. The variety is single and the taste is monotonous. Some are a bottle of milk and a white boiled egg, and some are a pack of premium biscuits and a bottle of lactic acid bacteria milk beverage. However, for the healthy growth of young children, parents should design and deploy…
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